Keller Kitchens

Carbon neutral kitchens and other CSR activities


Keller Kitchens; beautiful, attainable, individual and smart. These are not only our brand values; they guide us in every decision we make, especially when it comes to the environment. After all, we want to enjoy Mother Nature for years to come and keep it beautiful for future generations. It is for this reason we have adopted CSR as one of our strategic elements. With our CSR policy, we aim to achieve the right balance between People, Planet and Profit.


The results of our efforts in the field of sustainability are already noticeable. In April 2017, Keller Kitchens implemented a carbon-neutral manufacturing process. CO2 reduction has been attained by generating energy with the help of solar panels, converting waste products such as sawdust into energy, and using eco-friendly transportation methods. We also invest in other sustainable projects.


Keller Kitchens has ambitious goals when it comes to CSR. To achieve them, a thought through strategy is needed. This will describe where we as a company want to be in the future, and what our take-off position is. That’s why in 2016, we hired an external consultant to analyse all our CSR activities. The results of this research are processed into an extensive report using the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

To give you a clear overview of the results and of our CSR activities, we have created a special brochure. Here you can find more information about how we aim to achieve the perfect balance between People, Planet and Profit. 


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