CO2 Performance Ladder

Keller obtains the CO2 Performance Ladder certificate

Since we want continue making beautiful kitchens for decades to come, we are constantly taking measures to operate in a corporate socially-responsible manner. For example, our production process has been carbon neutral since April 2017. By additional efforts to make our operations more sustainable, on April 1 2018 we obtained the Kiwa-certificate “CO2-Awareness” (level 3).

Keller Keukens CO2-Prestatieladder (niveau 3)

CO2-reduction and other local initiatives

The certificate emphasises that our CO2-footprint is determined according to the international standard(s) and that we take important steps to limit our CO2 emissions to a minimum. Due to various modifications to our production process, it has been carbon neutral since April 2017. For example, we invested in a biomass installation so we meet our heating demand in our kitchen factory. Moreover, we repurpose large flawed wood segments into smaller panels or cabinet parts to prevent waste.

However, the decisive factor in obtaining the level 3 certificate is our cooperation with the local business association. Our biomass installation provides us with more energy than we need. Together with the local business association, we aim to find a way to use our surplus energy elsewhere. Then, we would handle our materials and resources even more effectively than we already do.


Gijs Termeer with the SKAO

“The SKAO congratulates Keller Kitchens with achieving level 3 on the CO2 Performance Ladder. The organisation demonstrates decisiveness through its innovative and sustainable business operations. In addition to Keller, more and more companies are subscribing to the added value of these instruments. The CO2 Performance Ladder has become the standard instrument for a sustainable green economy for businesses."

The COPerformance Ladder principles

The Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO) is responsible for the management and usage of the CO2 Performance Ladder. This ladder is the leading sustainability instrument to help companies map and structurally reduce CO2 within a company’s own operations, as well as projects in the chain or sector.

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The CO2 Performance Ladder contains 5 levels. By obtaining the certificate, an organisation has proved that it operates with a successful CO2 Management System. The more an organisation makes an effort to reduce CO2 emissions, the higher the position on the ladder. Obtaining this certificate at level 3 has shown that we are very actively involved in CO2-reduction.

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