CSR Performance Ladder

Level 4 certification

CSR Performance Ladder, Level 4 

Keller Kitchens has achieved Level 4 certification on the CSR Performance Ladder. This demonstrates our excellence within the kitchen industry. DKG Group (of which Keller Kitchens is a part) was the first kitchen manufacturer to receive this certificate at Level 4. We are leading the field in this area by implementing effective activities and policies.

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Certificaat MVO Prestatieladder Keller Keukens

Effective activities and policies such as:

  • our carbon-neutral production process;
  • the development of a circular kitchen process (high-quality recycling of our old kitchens);
  • our cross-sectoral goal of having a fully electric fleet of vehicles in 2020;
  • our social return on investment (SROI). DKG Group employs 30 people with a distance to the labour market and offers 40 traineeships per year on vocational training courses. Together, this is approximately 5% of the total number of employees;
  • the new composition of the Supervisory Board, which was renewed in March 2018, consists of three women and two men;
  • our private online communication platform: DKG Info, for the benefit of internal communication;
  • our private e-learning platform: DKG Campus, for online training for all employees.

Earlier, we achieved Level 3 certification on the CO2 Performance Ladder. This certificate emphasises that we are actively working on reducing CO2 emissions within our organisation. This is something we are proud of and it made us even more ambitious to achieve an additional level on the CSR Performance Ladder! Level 4 on the CSR Performance Ladder also involves our role outside of our own organisation. With our sustainable entrepreneurship, we want to make a difference within our sector and beyond. Our Level 4 certificate confirms that we are taking the right steps forward.

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