ISO certificates

Keller obtains the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates

In our factory in Bergen op Zoom, we are passionate about providing customers with the reality of their dream kitchen. We do this in a qualitatively high and socially responsible manner. To ensure our high standards, we have developed a quality management system as well as an environmental management system, both fully aligned with our business activities. The management systems comply with the international requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 respectively. Therefore, in April 2018 we received both certificates from the independent inspection and certification organisation: Kiwa.

Quality management

By obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate, we show that we continuously enhance and develop our quality standards. By visiting exhibitions and staying alert to trends, we signal the latest developments in time and translate these into our kitchen designs. By listening to the wishes of our stakeholders very closely, we also improve our services. For example, our customers attach great value to short delivery times. One of our quality improvements is that we have the NCS colours from our TREND Collection available at any time. This allows us to produce and deliver our kitchens faster. In addition, tailor-made requests undergo a thorough feasibility check before we produce them. In this way we limit the risk of errors and achieve the highest possible quality.


International standards for the ISO certificates

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) develops and publishes internationally-recognised standards for good management systems. Companies that want to manage their responsibility for product-quality and the environment can develop an appropriate management system with the aid of ISO practical tools.


Based on a stakeholder analysis, a company first obtains insight into who their stakeholders are, how they can respond to their needs (quality) and how influence can be exerted on environmental aspects in these organisations. In addition, a risk analysis will be used to analyse how both errors in business processes (quality) and the impact of business activities on the environment can be controlled. The certificates we have obtained underline that we are actively engaged in a high-quality and socially responsible way of working.

Environmental management

Our certificate for ISO 14001 shows that we can identify, prioritise, manage and improve environmental aspects in a systematic way. For years, we have taken responsibility for the effects of our activities on the environment. We use a carbon neutral production process and use less energy and raw materials by switching to sustainable alternatives; for example, by investing in two new carton packaging machines. As a result, the cardboard packaging is completely tailor-made and we are reducing cardboard waste. In addition, the machines use 85% less power than its predecessor. We are also working on a number of ambitious objectives, such as our new lease car policy (fully electric in 2020) and the development of a circular kitchen process.

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