The circular kitchen

Keller develops a circular kitchen process

What motivates Keller Kitchens every day is making beautiful kitchens attainable while not losing sight of the environment. As such, Keller Kitchens is the first kitchen supplier to develop a circular kitchen process.


meisje met twijg circulaire keuken
  • We use responsibly-managed raw materials, both environmentally and socially. For example, we use wood that comes from sustainably-governed forests. New specimens are planted for every felled tree. This ensures continuity of these forests.
  • We support multiple climate-friendly projects such as the Smart Forest Bolivia project. Local farmers are trained in new methods of agriculture and livestock breeding. These new methods aim to reinforce the respect for existing forests. Additionally, new forests are being planted, and sustainable forestry is being practiced.


circulaire keller keuken zonnepanelen op dak fabriek
  • We use a carbon neutral production process. We have achieved this milestone by generating part of our electricity demand with solar panels. The remaining electricity demand is compensated by the purchase of green electricity. Moreover, we meet our heating demand by converting our wood waste into energy.
  • In April 2018, we obtained the CO2 Performance Ladder certificate. This certificate emphasises the important steps we take to reduce CO2-emissions to a minimum.

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circulaire keller keuken duurzame watergedragen lak
  • On request, we use environmentally-friendly materials and techniques, such as wood and board material with FSC® quality mark, Greenpanel® countertops and water based paints, to produce our kitchens.
  • Sustainable laser chamfering of our unit fronts increases resistance to both fluids and heat, increasing the lifespan of our kitchens.





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duurzaam transport
  • Our packaging materials are fully recyclable. After use, we transport the packaging materials ourselves to recognised waste processors where they provide for sustainable processing of the waste.
  • Our kitchens are transported according to the objectives of Green Freight Europe. The carrier is in the possession of a Lean & Green certificate and only runs EURO 5 & 6 trucks and for inner-city transport on CNG and Diesel.


keller keuken cascada
  • After delivering a new kitchen, we take the old one away with us. If possible, we replace the old kitchen or facilitate the dismantling and recycling of it.


de circulaire keller keuken
  • At this stage, the components of the old kitchen have been processed into useful raw materials (semi-finished products) that receive a new application, which makes the circle round.
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