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It starts with 1.000 kitchens
First Keller Kitchen


"I could do that myself", Gerard Keller, an agent for C. Bruijnzeel & Zonen Parquet floors, says to himself. It’s no surprise being the son of a Rotterdam carpenter that he’s perfectly cut out for working with wood. His eye for detail is no coincidence, he witnessed his father creating the most beautiful furniture as a child. The same goes for putting in hard work, because a carpenter’s work is never finished. So Gerard is quite familiar with the artisanal processing of wood, but as a salesman of parquet floors, he also learned everything there is to know about wood trading. He discovers he has a talent for it.

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1946, Keller Kitchens is born!


It's a request from Bredero’s Construction Company. A successful and forward-thinking builder that appreciates collaborating with innovative partners, like the architects Gerrit Rietveld and Willem Dudok. During the period of reconstruction after the war, Bredero is busy rebuilding). For these homes, the builder is looking for a kitchen manufacturer and they approached the Keller brothers. Bredero’s and and Keller have done business in the past, with parquet floors. That’s why Bredero’s knows that Keller is a reliable partner with an eye for quality and an opportunity. They commission Gerard and Henk the assignment to supply 1,000 kitchens. Quite a challenge since they’ve never built a kitchen before. Thanks to knowing the quality of with parquet floors, Bredero’s is totally confident that Keller is going to make a success of this commission. Without hesitating, the brothers rise to the challenge, and through intensive collaboration with Bredero’s staff, succeed in developing a carefully finished kitchen, and completed the assignment successfully.


Keller Kitchens, is born!

First Keller Kitchen
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