COVID-19 Measures

This is how we handle the corona virus

At Keller Kitchens we take the current situation about the COVID-19 virus very seriously. We therefore do not take unnecessary risks in the contact we have with our customers. We would like to inform you about the effect this has on our cooperation and the delivery of Keller kitchens for your customers.

Supply of kitchens to Keller dealers


Scheduled appointments currently are done as much as possible by telephone or e-mail. In case of personal appointments, we will follow the guidelines issued by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

Delivery of the kitchens according to agreed delivery week

The production process of Keller Kitchens is currently fully operational, which means that planned deliveries of kitchens and kitchen components will take place as planned. The guidelines issued by the RIVM will be followed during transportation and delivery. This means, among other things, that we do not shake hands and keep an appropriate distance.

In addition, the driver will keep a close eye on the situation during delivery. If there is any doubt about whether or not the kitchen can be supplied because of the health situation of both the person receiving the kitchen and the person supplying the kitchen, the driver will contact customer service to determine further actions.

What if you want to postpone the delivery of the kitchen yourself?

In that case, please contact us as soon as possible. Together we will look at the reason for postponement and the possibilities we can offer.


We trust to have informed you sufficiently and will keep you informed on any changed circumstances.
Would you like to know more about the COVID-19 virus and the advice from RIVM? Please check:

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