Modern kitchen Cascada graphite fleetwood

Cascada graphite fleetwood

This classical kitchen brings the outdoors inside. With colours and materials straight out of nature, it creates rest and space. The grouped plants enhance this.

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GL4000 high gloss ice

GL4000 high gloss ice

This handleless kitch is ideal for the cooking enthusiast with a lot of space. Besides the high gloss finish, this kitchen is fitted with a lot of luxury. It has professional kitchen equipment and hidden ventilation in the ceiling. It also has a 3-in-1 hot water tap.

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Industrial kitchen handleless oak blue

GL2000 old oak & Crystal NCS

This industrial kitchens will look great in rooms that have concrete and wooden touches. The old oak is tough, though also gives the kitchen a warm touch. The night blue gives it a cooler feel. The drawing on the chalkboard and the iron legs really make a personal touch.

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Modern Keller kitchen high gloss white oak

Brilliant white & Elba washed oak

A modern kitchen that really gets inspiration from the Scandinavian trend. With fresh grey and high gloss white accents. The wooden upper cabinets give this kitchen a vintage finish.

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Modern country kitchen Irvine basalt

Irvine basalt

Our kitchen Irvine is perfect for a modern countryside style. The grey and blue really play into the Dutch Design trend from overseas. De grooved doors have a wood structure which emphasizes the countryside style of this kitchen even more.

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Industrial kitchen Nottingham honey oak Marino

Nottingham honey oak & Marino NCS

The combination of wood and black worktop really make this an industrial kitchen. It results in an interior with a basic kitchen which will never go out of style, look sturdy and is still very functional. 

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Countryside industrial kitchen sutton

Sutton structured lacquer black

A true countryside style kitchen, but with an industrial touch when you look at the details. De lamps above the kitchen table, and the wooden beam above the worktop really give this kitchen is character. And with the concrete walls and brick flooring, it gets emphasized even moren. One tough kitchen. 

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Industrial kitchen Moreton basalt

Moreton basalt

Looking for a kitchen for your industrial loft? This Moreton in Basalt grey may be what you are looking for. The brick wall in this picture finishes the interior, while the American fridge freezer takes care of your refrigerating needs. 

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Countryside wooden kitchen Leybourne grey

Leybourne grey

This kitchen looks perfect in your countryside home. It has a grey stain finish and real wooden doors. The "Natural living" trend was a large influence to this luxurious kitchen, with its large stove and hidden-away chimney.  

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Countryside kitchen Cascada grey rustic oak

Cascada magnolia rustic oak

Our model Cascada is perfect when you want to design a countryside kitchen. The wooden doors combined with the greys, give this kitchen a warm ambience. The design of the tiles gives the kitchen a countryside look with a Mediterranean twist.

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Classical kitchen Sutton Braham lacquered

Sutton Braham NCS

This classical kitchen, with countryside feel, really taps into the Bohemien trend. The exuberant flower wallpaper, that includes all the colours, is the real eyecatcher in this kitchen. Dare to combine styles, materials and colours.

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Modern industrial kitchen Crystal NCS

Crystal NCS

Do you have a modern and industrial looking style home? Then this is the perfect kitchen for your home. Its golden details put a little dare in between the grey kitchen doors. The iron handles accentuate the industrial character.

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Modern classical kitchen Elba rough oak

Elba rough oak & Crystal NCS

In this classical yet modern kitchen we combine warm wood with a lot of green. This results in an almost exotic atmosphere. The tiles emphasize this effect. The matt black freestanding stove, the cooker hood and the lamp add an industrial touch to this great looking kitchen.

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modern kitchen Elba high gloss white

Elba high gloss white

A modern kitchen in high gloss white synthetic, finished with a wooden-look detail. Here and there we have applied a romantic pastel colour. Join your family or friends on the bench, which is made from the same material as the worktop.

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Handleless kitchen GL5100 Crystal white

GL5100 Crystal white

This handleless kitchen is made for that modern minimalistic style. The black and white effect and graphic elements are repeated in the wallpaper and accessories. The real eye-catcher is the golden water tap, which will really apple to the designer in you.

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Wooden kitchen Elba Cascada washed oak

Elba Cascada washed oak

Looking for a wooden oak kitchen, but don't have real oak money? This imitation of wood is the next best thing. This classical kitchen still offers the same quality and with its stone worktop, still gives you a sense of luxury.

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modern countryside kitchen Sutton Nature

Sutton Nature

This Sutton is a modern kitchen with a countryside feel to it. With a lot of natural wood and (off) white colours. The straight lines, the white composite worktop and the modern chairs emphasize the modern character of this kitchen.

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Modern handleless kitchen GL5100 silk gloss ice

GL5100 silk gloss ice

The Scandinavian trend was a big influence to this modern, handleless kitchen. What really catches the eye is the white sink, which is a great contrast to the wooden worktop.

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handleless kitchen GL2000 truffle

GL2000 truffle

We finished this handleless kitchen in the colour Truffle. Together with the copper kitchen accessories, it fits perfectly with the Soft Natural home & living trend. The ceramic worktop finishes the modern look of this kitchen. 

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Countryside kitchen Firenze mocha

Firenze mocha

The upper cabinets with glass doors and the pilasters accentuate the countryside style of this kitchen. Grey and earth tones, combines with off-whites, give it a homely feel. The wooden floor makes it a bit "warmer". The ceramic sink gives it that little bit extra. 

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industrial kitchen Crystal NCS

Crystal NCS

The combination of the black lacquered doors and the brick wall, really give this kitchen its industrial character. We have added the red refrigerator, to give the kitchen a personal touch. Don't like black? Choose one of our other 1950 colours.

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modern kitchen Fuente pebble

Fuente pebble

The aged brown and grey colours of this modern kitchen give it a warm appearance. The handle trims of our Fuente model give the illusion of handleless. The 20mm thick worktop made of composit, finishes the modern look of this kitchen.

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modern kitchen Elba high gloss clay

Elba high gloss clay

The high gloss doors of this kitchen give it a modern style. It is both functional and minimalistic. With the applied brown-grey colours, it has a warm feel. The kitchen is fitted with all the modern appliances anybody who loves to cook desires.

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countryside kitchen Firenze loam

Firenze loam

The framed doors are typica for this countryside kitchen. The worktop is a wooden look melamine, that goes perfect with the grey-ish lacquered kitchen doors. The result is a warm interior for those comfy sunday mornings.

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modern kitchen Ipswich shell

Ipswich shell

Black, white and grey are boring? Not in this modern, countryside kitchen. With the right mix of different materials, you make even the most basic combination of colours more exciting. Dare to mix and match for that modern look with your personal touch.

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wooden kitchen Berkeley NCS

Berkeley NCS

Berkeley is a real wooden kitchen with framed doors. This kitchen is perfect for a countryside style home, with classical details. The cooking parts of the kitchen, also has a bar on the other side. You will enjoy a lot of drinking nights at this social center. 

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Modern kitchen Firenze White

Firenze White

The white finish makes this Firenze a more modern kitchen. The frames however are traditionally more for a countryside way of living. The cooking island and the stone worktop, really give you a sense of luxury.

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Handleless kitchen GL4000 high gloss white

GL4000 high gloss white

Looking for a high-end handleless kitchen? This GL4000 is finished in high gloss white. It has two designer cooker hoods and a very desirable water tap. With a bar on one end and soft closing drawers on the other, this kitchen has everything the cooking enthusiast wants.

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Handleless kitchenGL5100 NCS

GL5100 NCS

This handleless kitchen  with tip-on, also known as touch to ope, combines the modern style with the warmth of wood. The white, risen sink gives this kitchen a personal touch.

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modern handleless GL7300 NCS & white

GL7300 NCS & white

This modern kitchen shows a perfect combination of black and white. What really catches the eye are the integrated sinks and the risen section that functions as a kitchen table.

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modern kitchen handleless GL7400 White & Timber

GL7400 White & Timber

This modern designer kitchen combines white with real wood. This makes it perfect for both the modern style of living, as well as the countryside. The stainless steel worktop finishes it off.

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Handleless kitchen GL5100 ICE

GL5100 ICE

The eye-catching modern kitchen show you that a Keller kitchen can fit in any interior. The beautiful combination of white handleless and wooden details, finished with a table in the same material.

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