A beautiful kitchen in a small house. Is that possible? Do you recognise this feeling? You see the most beautiful kitchen schemes in home magazines, brochures and on websites, and you think: is this achievable for me?

When you have a tiny house or apartment, or just have limited space available, you may think it’s a big no! In this blog, we give you tips on how to get the most out of your kitchen when space is limited.

Colours and light

By making smart use of colours, the illusion that a space is larger than it really is, is created. Therefore, choose a kitchen in a light shade. This effect is enhanced by choosing a dark floor and giving the walls a light colour. Don’t forget to make sure the kitchen is well lit since a dark room looks much smaller.


The choice of kitchen fronts, of course, contributes to the appearance of your kitchen. For example, create a calm image with sleek, handleless fronts. Keller kitchens are available without handles, not only horizontally but also vertically. The standard handleless kitchen is provided with a handle bar. Would you rather not have a handle or handle bar at all? Then choose the Tip-On technique.

Keller kitchens pan drawer


Straight kitchens offer a solution for the cooking enthusiast with little space. A straight kitchen takes up less space because it is only mounted against one wall. All Keller kitchens are designed according to the Raster 130 principle, with the vertical dimensions being made up of multiples of 130 mm. This results in a sleeker design with beautiful lines and a working height of 942 mm for optimum comfort. The cupboards are higher, and the plinth is actually less high, which results in 5.7% more cupboard capacity and therefore extra storage space.

When designing, choose pan drawers instead of standard doors and carousel cupboards to organise your cupboards as smartly as possible. A small kitchen can also be optimally utilised by working in height. Consider shelves or extra high wall units.


Do you have an open kitchen? Match the design of your kitchen and living room, and make your kitchen a more central space in the house. Adjust colours and materials in living room and kitchen  to one another and let floors run through. This provides unity and makes the room optically larger. This way it is no longer just a room where food is prepared, but a place where you can relax with friends and family, that is part of the interior worth seeing!

A beautiful small kitchen

Our dealers are happy to help you choose a kitchen design that matches your living style.
Within our four kitchen styles there is always a design that suits your taste, space and budget. Our recommendations for a beautiful, small kitchen:

Modern: Pure Basic, Geo Graphic, Northern Nature
Classic: Granny Chic
Country: Natural Basic
Industrial: Brooklyn Brick

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