The kitchen has become part of the interior design in recent decades, and a good lighting plan not only ensures that you can work comfortably, but it also creates extra atmosphere; even when the kitchen is not in use. Beautiful lighting is the finishing touch to your kitchen.

There are plenty of lighting options you can apply in your Keller kitchen. And because all our lighting is LED-based it is not only beautiful, but also energy-efficient and therefore sustainable.

Types of lighting for your kitchen

Within the Keller program we offer the following options:

For wall cabinets:

  • surface and recessed spotlights
  • lighting strips
  • lighting bases
  • spots for glass shelves

For base units:

  • surface and recessed spotlights
  • spots for glass shelves
  • strip lighting for glass cabinets
  • handle trim lighting
  • (pan) drawer lighting
Surface and recessed spotlights

Surface and recessed spotlights are available in various types; round or square and in aluminium or black. With a touch dimmer or remote control, whatever you prefer. You can choose a set to your taste, or ask the dealer for the specially composed sets of 2 to 5 pieces.

Keller kitchen niche with led spots
Lighting strips

Lighting strips are trendy and used more and more in interior design. In our kitchens, they are mounted on the bottom of a wall cabinet for atmospheric light in a niche or on the worktop. The strips are custom made and are adjustable from cold, blue white to warm, yellow white.

Lighting strips Keller kitchen
Lighting bottom

If you really want something special, choose a wall cabinet with a lighting base. The bottom of the cabinet is then finished in frosted glass and provided with bright white lighting. Handy: the cabinets can be operated independently. This lighting is not dimmable.

Glass bottom Keller kitchen
Spotlights for glass shelves

Have you chosen glass cabinets for your kitchen? Finish it off with LED spots in stainless steel look. These can be clicked on the back of the glass shelf, and the spotlight illuminates both upwards and downwards.

Keller spotlight for glass shelve
Lighting strips for glass units

(Smoke) glass cabinets are one of today’s kitchen trends; a place for beautiful accessories or glasses. When you choose LED strips for your glass units, strips will be placed on both sides that are adjustable from cold to warm white. This is really an eye-catcher in your kitchen (island)!

Keller lighting strips for glass cabinets
Handle trim lighting

Do you prefer a handleless kitchen? Add a personal touch with  coloured handle trims. Available in no less than 1950 lacquer and 5 metallic colours. Complete your design with handle trim lighting. Also adjustable from cold to warm white.

Keller handle strip lighting
(Pan) drawer lighting

Custom-made (pan) drawer lighting is not only beautiful, it also offers that little bit of extra light you need. The sensor switches on the lighting automatically when the drawer is opened. Together with our beautiful glass box sides, your kitchen will also be beautiful inside.

Keller (pan) drawer lighting

More kitchen inspiration? Visit a Keller kitchen specialist. They are happy to make a bespoke design and a plan for beautiful lighting in your kitchen.

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