Keller Kitchens likes to work with organizations that pursue the same goals. a.s.r. real estate is one of these companies with whom Keller has been working for almost 40 years to provide the rental properties with beautiful kitchens with sustainability as spearhead. Together with Hans Lachmansingh, Senior Technical Asset Manager and Project Leader New Construction at a.s.r. real estate and Harry Zonnebelt, Key Account Manager at Keller Kitchens, we discuss the sustainable collaboration on location at the new construction project The Minister in Rijswijk with 220 rental homes, in which tenant satisfaction is also central here.

a.s.r. real estate is part of one of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands and, as an institutional investor, is responsible for the real estate funds and real estate projects within the organization.

Hans Lachmansingh has been working at a.s.r. for 22 years now, where he is project leader of new construction projects and is co-responsible for the technical management of the residential portfolio. Since the end of 2021, a.s.r. DCRF technically manages its housing portfolio with its own team. The aim of this is to provide faster and better service to tenants. Short lines and the 1-counter system is the starting point for efficient management. A.s.r. has arranged its maintenance work with chain partners and bought off a large part of the work. At the beginning of the year, the contractors know exactly what is expected of them and can therefore work efficiently to provide our tenants with the best possible service. Keller is also a chain partner, so we know in advance which starting points we apply to both new construction projects and existing properties, so that we can act quickly. “We now arrange technical management internally and therefore have a direct line with tenants. Personal contact is well appreciated by customers,” says Hans. “When something is wrong, the tenant comes to us immediately without having to contact other organizations first”. Harry adds: “Hans oversees everything within a project. He understands every part and knows perfectly what to do”.

“Do what you promise and promise what you do.”

Hans indicates that a.s.r. as institutional investors have a long-term view. They work with chain partners, but are not bound by permanent contracts. “Do what you promise and promise what you do. Then you stay in the chain. Of course there is the intention to continue working together, but that is only possible if you prove yourself as organization. This triggers organizations to stay sharp on the services that are offered. You determine your own success”, says Hans. Keller Kitchens has been working with a.s.r. for many years. in which concepts such as quality, reliability, service orientation and sustainability play a major role. “A solid organization that can be trusted is one of the selection criteria of a.s.r.. In addition, sustainability is number 1,” Hans continues. “The great thing is that when you operate sustainably as an organization, you often automatically meet other criteria such as price, quality of the product and personnel. In addition, Keller puts the tenant first and not its own interests”.

“Because of its knowledge of the real estate market and its own factory in the Netherlands, Keller Kitchens can act competently and quickly. The aftercare for projects is unique.”

A good example of a project in which Keller Kitchens put the tenant’s interests first is the Wicherskwartier residential complex in Amsterdam. The project comprises 134 apartments, which caused damage to kitchen appliances in the event of a calamity (accidentally too high Electra voltage was put on the grid by utilities). As a result, 134 new dishwashers broke down. “After consultation between Harry and BAM’s project manager on the project, all 134 dishwashers were replaced. There are only a few suppliers who can act so (quickly). Thanks to its knowledge of the real estate market and its own factory in the Netherlands, Keller Kitchens can act competently and quickly. The aftercare for projects is unique,” ​​says Hans. “In addition, the loyalty of Keller Kitchens was visibly expressed during the COVID-19 period. Keller Kitchens, like other chain partners of a.s.r., has continued to help tenants with questions. Sometimes true within the protocols, but everything went through as agreed without price increases or other changes. If you work with different parties, the chances are small that you could have continued like this. That is also the reason why we have been working with Keller Kitchens for almost 40 years,” adds Hans.

“Keller Kitchens is partly responsible for our success, because if the tenants are happy with the kitchen, then so are we.”

Nowadays, a kitchen contributes to a large extent to the happiness of the tenants in a home. A choice for this is therefore very carefully put together for each complex. “Keller Kitchens is partly responsible for our success, because if the tenants are happy with the kitchen, then so are we and we score well in our tenant satisfaction surveys. In short, Harry, you make people happy,” says Hans. Now that you ask, “I give you an average score of 8.5 for new construction projects. That is very high, but that is the reality in my experience. Skillfully thinking along with the interests (including quality, money, speed) of the project and co-designing the kitchen concept for each target group makes the collaboration pleasant and perhaps also unique,” ​​adds Hans. This is based on past expectations and mutual trust. Hans concludes the conversation, “We are proud to be chain partners and proud because Keller Kitchens fulfills agreements, so that our tenants are satisfied”. Harry Zonnebelt confirms Hans’s words. As Keller Kitchens, we are therefore proud of an almost 40-year collaboration with a.s.r..