When you are purchasing a new kitchen you want to be sure you choose a beautiful model that will last for years. What defines beautiful is very personal and different for everyone. You see so many different kitchen styles – in brochures, magazines and at actual kitchen specialists – that it is difficult to choose the right one for you. You don’t purchase a new kitchen every day, so it is important to do your research and look beyond a colour and model.

We have developed four steps to help you choose a kitchen that suits your taste, budget and the latest trends.

What is your style? Check the mood boards or create one yourself!

To discover which kitchen really suits you and one you can enjoy for years to come, start by determining your favourite interior style. For convenience, we distinguish four basic interior styles: modern, industrial, classic and country. You will find mood boards for each style in our inspiration brochure. Do you recognise your style? Then you have taken the first step to designing your personal kitchen!

The Keller kitchen specialists’ showrooms are not only furnished with model kitchens to inspire, but you will also find numerous door, worktop and colour samples. Choose a mix of materials and colours you like and let your kitchen design come to life.

Tip: You can create a mood board yourself with images from home interior magazines or from inspiration you find online, you can then bring this in to show your kitchen specialist. You don’t have to limit yourself to one style; Keller allows you to mix and match various elements from different styles. The mood board will be the starting point for the kitchen design.

View our basic styles:

Which trends appeal to you?

After determining your favourite style, the next step follows: which trends appeal to you? Trends inspire us to give interior a contemporary twist.

Tip: Do you like to adapt your interior to the latest trends constantly? Then choose a kitchen in neutral colours. Paint walls in trend tones, add window coverings, accessories and furniture that you can easily replace and your kitchen remains trendy all the time!

Add your personal touch

The third step is to adapt the kitchen to your personal wishes. As noted earlier: it is not just a matter of choosing a colour and model. Your individual wishes and needs also determine what is important to you in your kitchen. Do you like cooking, art, greenery in the house or colourful accessories? What is your family composition? Your individual preferences and situation determine your personal style.

Do you like to prepare elaborate meals? Then a boiling water tap can provide you with all the conveniences during cooking. Or do you like the latest technologies? Then a state-of-the-art induction hob with powerful and quiet worktop extraction will fit perfectly into your personal kitchen. What will your personal touch be?

Does my choice fit within my budget?

All the above elements determine what you like: style, design and layout. Now you know what your personal kitchen is going to look like, you also want to know whether you can afford it. Remember you can vary with different materials and finishes. For example, replace wooden doors with melamine wood look and a natural stone top with faux stone look. This creates options in different price ranges, without compromising the atmosphere and appearance of the kitchen.

Order our kitchen inspiration brochure to view our kitchens and mood boards, and get further inspiration and information from a Keller kitchen specialist in your area.

We make beautiful kitchens attainable.