During the Dutch Technology Week in the Netherlands, the Eindhoven University of Technology opened an innovative and sustainable housing project called LINQ. LINQ was developed and built by a team of students that call themselves team VIRTUe. The group of 40 tech students will use LINQ to represent the Netherlands during the International Building Competition SolarDecathlon held in Dubai this November. The team which best combines design, smart energy production, innovation, market potential and energy and water efficiency is the winner.

Team VIRTUe had a clear mission: design, build and operate the world’s most sustainable home. LINQ is not simply a house; it is designed to be a complete apartment building. Multiple apartments are combined through shared spaces. Compared to single housing, LINQ reduces energy and water loss, uses a more effective method of ventilation and offers a friendly atmosphere as it’s easier to meet the neighbours.

Keller kitchen in sustainable house LINQ

One of the shared spaces in LINQ’s architectural design is the kitchen. During their visit to the Dutch Design Center in Dubai, Team VIRTUe encountered Keller Kitchens. Because of the pure ‘Dutch Design’ in accordance with the latest trends, the team approached Keller to help them create a bespoke kitchen. As Keller strives to combine beautiful designs with sustainable solutions, they are the perfect partner for this unique and ambitious project.

Keller is motivated to make beautiful kitchens attainable. In the kitchen factory, professionals manufacture an average of 2,500 high-quality kitchens per week. As Keller is focused on being socially and environmentally responsible, a climate neutral production process is used in its factories along with environmentally-friendly materials and techniques, such as wood and board material with FSC® quality mark and water-based paints. Additionally, Keller Kitchens has implemented laser chamfering in the production phase of its kitchen doors. This modern production technique has increased the chamfers’ resistance to both fluids and heat, increasing the lifespan of Keller kitchens.

To find out more, please visit teamvirtue.nl/linq