What drives us every day is making beautiful kitchens attainable. Not only beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. Whether it’s the extra sturdy base units with closed upper deck, the silent soft-closing hinges and drawer runners, or the luxury glass sides in pan drawers: Keller only works with the very best materials and techniques.


Do you prepare ‘mise-en-place’ before cooking (all kitchen utensils and ingredients are assembled and prepared in advance), or do you prefer to collect everything you need while cooking? Whatever your personal preference, doors and (pan) drawers that are easy and quick to operate make any process a more enjoyable one. That’s why Keller kitchens are have luxury BLUMOTION technology as standard. This high-end system ensures silent and smooth closing movements – regardless of the force applied and the weight of the door or drawer.

Keller BLUMOTION hinge

With Tip-On technology (or push-to-open) doors and drawers can be opened effortlessly by gently pushing the door. Ideal if you have your hands full during cooking or after grocery shopping. Doors and drawers can easily be closed again with a gentle push. Rather than a bolt-on unit, Keller’s Tip-On system is fully integrated into the cabinets and drawer runners, resulting in a sleeker look. Thanks to Tip-On, it’s possible to design beautiful, sleek, handle-less kitchens.

Keller handle-less kitchen with Tip-On
Servo drive

Hinged doors, flap doors and (pan)drawers are equipped with mechanical Tip-On. To also provide fridge freezers with this innovative movement technology, there is a special electric Tip-On. Just like the mechanical version, Servo-drive opens the refrigerator after a gentle push against the door. Because lift door and flap door units are placed high, it can be difficult to close them. With Keller you can choose to fit them with Servo-drive. With the push of a button the electric motor closes the cabinet for you. Softly and silently.

(Pan) drawers and accessories

(Pan) drawers ensure beautifully organized kitchen cabinets. There are drawer layouts, built-in lighting, waste systems and smart storage systems. The drawers are furnished with beautiful glass box sides combined with a luxury anti-slip inlay mat. Stained oak wood drawer layouts can be added as an option. You can choose from light grey or anthracite dividers for a personal touch here as well. All our (pan) drawers are 100% extendable, so items placed the back are easily accessible. They are also equipped with soft-close technology as standard.

Our skilled dealers are happy to answer your questions and consult you about the design and (technical) details of your kitchen. They will gladly advise you on making choices and putting together your personal kitchen.

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