Keller Kitchens; beautiful, individual, attainable and… sustainable! After all, we want to enjoy Mother Nature for years to come and keep it beautiful for future generations. That why at Keller Kitchens, CSR isn’t just in our DNA, we have also adopted it as one of our strategic elements. With our CSR policy, we aim to achieve the right balance between People, Planet and Profit.

Carbon Neutral kitchens

Our efforts in the field of sustainability have paid off. Because since April 2017, Keller Kitchens are made using a  carbon-neutral manufacturing process. By generating energy with the help of solar panels, converting waste products such as sawdust into energy, and using eco-friendly transportation methods, we have reduced the amount of carbon dioxide dramatically. And by investing in sustainable projects, we compensate the CO2 production that is left.

CSR Report

Besides our activities for making “green” kitchens, we actively take part in several social initiatives or start them ourselves. Keller Kitchens has recently hired a consultant agency to analyse its CSR activities. This external party has written a report in accordance with the GRI Standards guidelines. Would you like to find out more? Please visit the special CSR website where you can read all about the results of the report and our strategy for a better future.


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