Granny Chic

Vintage and pastel are never out of fashion
Classic Kitchen Granny Chic White Powder Pink lacquered

Kitchen style: Classic
Kitchen trend: Pastel, vintage, flower prints.
Kitchen layout: L-shaped kitchen with appliances wall.

Candy colours, floral patterns and nostalgia from grandmother's time.

Why not try this?
Choosing a synthetic door instead of the lacquered one shown here is not only more affordable, it's also easier to maintain. The advantage of lacquer, however, is that you can choose from 1950 colours.

In this kitchen:

  • Sleek shaker model in silk gloss lacquer.
  • Vintage wallpaper behind hardened glass as a personal touch.
  • Trend colour Powder Pink.
  • Water tap and sink in copper.
Kitchen door: Classic kitchen shaker door


Colour 1:

Silk gloss white


Colour 2: Poweder Pink trend colour
Powder pink

Available colours and finishes:

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