Marbling Moods

A kitchen with a classy touch
Marbling Moods hoofdbeeld

Kitchen style: Classic
Kitchen trend: Floating cabinets, retro look, 'three tone kitchen'
Kitchen layout: Island kitchen with floating cabinets.

The materials in this kitchen are reminiscent of styles from the last century. The combination of chic walnut, green fronts in matt lacquer and red copper accents give the kitchen a classy retro touch.

Why not try this?:
Replace the wood veneer front with a melamine door in wood decor. Looks just as real, but costs less.

In this kitchen:

  • Floating cabinets.
  • Worktop and sink in composite marble look with green veins.
  • Interior in colour graphite.
  • Red copper handle trim and water tap.

Kitchen front 1:
Model Crystal gelakt
Walnut veneer

Colour 1:
Brons Walnoot
Bronze walnut

Handle trim: Greeplijst koper


Kitchen front 2: Klassieke keuken Cascada groen goud kraan

Colour 1:
Klassieke keuken Cascada groen walnoot goud kraan
Matt lacquer olive green

Colour 2:
Ultramat antraciet
Ultra matt anthracite

Available colours:

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