Brooklyn Brick

Black, bricked and beautiful
Industrial kitchen trend Brooklyn Brick

Kitchen style: Industrial
Kitchen trend: Rusty colours, matt, black, red.
Kitchen layout: Single wall kitchen.

With its dark colours, rust-look worktop and brick wall, this kitchen is perfect for an industrial interior.

Why not try this?
By choosing our ultra matt model rather than black lacquer, you get the same look but at a more affordable price. Just like when you choose a laminate worktop.

Structured black lacquered kitchen
Industrial keller kitchen
Rust look worktop

In this kitchen:

  • Black structured lacquered kitchen doors.
  • Rust-look worktop to emphasise the industrial style.
  • The red freestanding retro refrigerator is a true eye catcher.
  • Stainless steel-look plinth.

Kitchen front:
Kitchen front crystal

kitchen colour black lacquer
Black structured lacquer

kitchen handle 309

Available colours and finishes:

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