Dark Rituals

Industriële keuken Dark Rituals hoofdbeeld

Kitchen style: Industrial
Kitchen trends: Weathered materials, black kitchens, rustic materials.
Keukenopstelling: Island kitchen with high bookcase.

This loft-style kitchen is a real eye-catcher with the high bookcase placed over the island. The worktop covers part of the side of the island. The trendy accent fronts in Stainless Steel and the smart cubes in black complete the sturdy look!

Why not try this?
Don't have room for a large island? Choose a corner design or smaller island.

Industriële keuken Dark Rituals detail_01
Industriële keuken Dark Rituals detail_02
Industriële keuken Dark Rituals detail_03

In this kitchen:

  • Island with high bookcase and hood-in-hob.
  • Trendy accent front in Stainless Steel.
  • Sturdy, metal handles.
  • Back wall with composite tiles and smart cubes.

Kitchen front 1:
industriele keuken bolton metaal zwart

Kitchen colour:
Beits matzwart eiken
Matt black oak stain

industriele keukengreep 705

Available colours and finishes:

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