Northern Nature

The Scandinavian trend in your kitchen
Handleless modern kitchen Northern Nature

Kitchen style: Modern
Kitchen trend: Scandinavian, pastel, light wood.
Kitchen layout: Single wall kitchen with table attached.

Modern and light. Typical Scandinavian influences in this kitchen are the simplicity, the pastel green and the light wood.

Why not try this?
In this example, we used handleless kitchen cabinets finished in lacquer. Would you rather have a door fitted with a knob or handle? At Keller that's not a problem; we have a variety of them. And if you choose melamine instead of lacquer, it even gets more attainable.

White modern kitchen keller
white handleless kitchen
Scandinavian style kitchen modern

In this kitchen:

  • White doors in silk gloss lacquer.
  • Handleless model with stainless steel handle trims.
  • Made to measure table in worktop material.
  • The worktop has the same colour as the doors for one clean look.
  • By painting one wall in mint green, the Scandinavian style is accentuated.

Kitchen front:
Modern kitchen front GL5100 handleless

kitchen lacquer white
Silk gloss lacquer white

Handle trim:
stainless steel handle trim handleless
Stainless steel look

Available colours and finishes:

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