Perfect Sense

Modern black and white in Japandi style
Moderne keuken in Japandi stijl

Kitchen style: Modern
Kitchen trend: Smart materials, Japandi, ultra matt
Kitchen layout: Island kitchen with high units.

This design is a bold combination of black and white, surrounded by materials in Japandi-style that add a warm touch to the kitchen. It's a mix of fronts in black and white in Fenix®. Thanks to a special (nano)technology, this material is extremely matt, has a soft feel with the surprising bonus of being anti-fingerprint. In addition, micro-scratches on the surface are thermally repairable.

Why not try this:
Choose ultra-matt melamine instead of Fenix® and a laminate top for a more cost-effective option.

Moderne keuken in Japandi stijl - kastenwand
Moderne keuken in Japandi stijl - detail eiland
Moderne keuken in Japandi stijl - Perfect Sense

In this kitchen:

  • Tall units from one panel.
  • Composite top with special edge finish.
  • Handle trim lighting.

Kitchen front 1:
Fenix wit

Colour 1:
Fenix zwart
Fenix black

Colour 2:
Industriële keukengreep 636
Fenix white

Available colours and finishes:

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