Dutch craftmanship

Keller has been making kitchens in its own factory for over 85 years. Opting for a Keller kitchen is opting for Dutch quality and craftsmanship. You can be sure of a kitchen that has been produced with care and attention to people and the environment.

Our factory

Let´s build a sustainable future together

Over the past decades we have developed an ambitious sustainability strategy, with clear results. Not only has our production proces been carbon neutral since 2017, we work according to the highest certification standards ánd we are developing a biobased kitchen.

In 2023, we were the first Dutch kitchen manufacturer to achieve level 5 - the highest level - on the CO2 performance ladder. This makes us a leader in sustainable initiatives in the kitchen industry and we assure you a responsible purchase!


Our story begins in 1935

"I could do that myself", Gerard Keller, an agent for C. Bruijnzeel & Zonen Parquet floors, says to himself. It’s no surprise being the son of a Rotterdam carpenter that he’s perfectly cut out for working with wood. His eye for detail is no coincidence, he witnessed his father creating the most beautiful furniture as a child.

The same goes for putting in hard work, because a carpenter’s work is never finished. So Gerard is quite familiar with the artisanal processing of wood, but as a salesman of parquet floors, he also learned everything there is to know about wood trading. He discovers he has a talent for it.


We make beautiful kitchens attainable

Our aim is to make beautiful kitchens accessible. Whether it is a kitchen that perfectly matches your personal taste and lifestyle, or project kitchens for new construction or renovation.

Always with lots of luxury and choices as standard: in styles, materials, colours, details and finish. We pay attention to your wishes, whether it concerns design, budget or service. Our experienced team of professionals and our dealers are ready to guide you through every step of the selection process.