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The biobased Keller kitchen

We owe a lot to nature. To the forests and the earth. To the oxygen of life. We would like to keep it that way. For ourselves and for generations to come. That is why we developed Enduura, the biobased Keller kitchen.

Together with you we want to build a future without waste. Biobased and reusable, with proven Keller quality. It's time for endless. Endless benefits from sustainable quality. Of the endless possibilities of a kitchen without waste.

Make every project feel good.

Enduura biobased Keller keuken circulair

Biobased MDF

The core of Enduura is an MDF made from 100% reclaimed wood. This means that no trees are cut down for its production, but branches and residual products from the timber industry are used. And it gets even better. Traditional MDF contains a chemical binder: phenolic resin. A chemical that gives off unpleasant odors. With Enduura this is a thing of the past. A binder made from organic residues from the food industry is used here. Namely the remains of sunflower seeds and rapeseed plants. These elements together give Enduura its unique properties:

  • 20% less CO2 emissions during production
  • Biodegradable
  • Renewable raw materials
duuurzaam mdf

Plant based HPL

The top layer of Enduura is also biobased. The bottom layer consists of kraft paper. A product made from the paper pulp of coniferous trees. The resin that is used is made from the residues of sugar cane from the sugar industry. So biodegradable and regrowthable. With this unique HPL, waste becomes our raw material and we reduce our demand for fossil raw materials.

  • Carbpm neutral production
  • Free from phenols and formaldehyde
  • 100% recyclable


biobased recyclebare lijm

Residual material becomes raw material

Enduura is finished with an eco-edging band that consists of 50% post-industrial residual flows. By reusing old materials, our demand for new raw materials decreases. And with that also the carbon emissions. In addition, a good edgeband guarantees a long lifespan for the kitchen.

duurzame hpl biobased

Sustainable handles for a finishing touch

Handles made of ocean plastic

11 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. A large part of this comes from ghost nets, fishing gear that is lost due to fishing. Our durable handles are made from old fishing nets and ropes. In this way we make the oceans cleaner and reduce the demand for fossil raw materials.


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