100% Made in Holland

Keller has been making kitchens from its own factory for more than 85 years. Opting for a Keller kitchen is opting for Dutch craftmanship and quality. You can be sure of a product that is produced with care and attention for people and the environment.

Our production capacity

Due to its production area of 56,000 m2 and state of the art producion lines, our factory can produce huge numbers of kitchens. For example, weekly:

  • 16.500 parts a week by the panel cutting saw;

  • 9.300 units by the assembly line;

  • 25.000 fronts pre-assembled;

  • 2.500 kitchens produced.


Panel cutting installation and off-cut warehouse

In order to provide customers with a high quality product, only first-class materials and the latest technologies are used.

We use a state-of-the art sawing installation; an impressive line with a linked off-cut warehouse. Thanks to smart technology, single-piece parts can be produced with much less wastage. To further increase the capacity, two edge banding machines have been ordered (delivery 2023). This new installation is suitable for both small series and single pieces and can produce both laser edged and hot melt parts. The machine will be linked to the existing sawing installation.

Tall/special units line

The current production line for special units will be replaced by a new line that can produce more than double the current installation. Remarkable: the final assembly belt is built as ergonomically as possible, the tall units ‘sink into the ground’ so the top of the unit can be easily assembled. This line is also expected in 2023.

Nieuwste technieken

Lacquer department

Recently, new climate units were installed in the lacquer department, with which humidity and temperature can be kept constant during all seasons of the year. This ensures a constant lacquer quality because the outdoor climate no longer influences the indoor climate. An additional advantage is that employees also work ergonomically because the temperature during summer remains lower than was the case until before.

Sanding and dust removal installation

The climate installation is the first of three major investments within the lacquer department that will be realised in the next few months. Further we work with a completely new sanding flutter machine and in the course of 2023 two one-surface dust removal installation for the flat spraying installation will be installed


Our distribution center

An important technique that we use in our factory is scanning. Every part of your kitchen gets a separate barcode. This is scanned at every station throughout the process. Only when all parts at the end of the line have been scanned will your kitchen go into the truck. So you can be sure that your beautiful kitchen is complete.

Every week, 250 trucks depart from our distribution center to our customers. To make this process efficient and to ensure that the parts end up in the right truck, we use an advanced sorting system. Only in this way can Keller Kitchens guarantee its short delivery times.