"What's a personal kitchen?"

At Keller, what do we actually mean by a personal kitchen? Beautiful is personal. What you like is the total of various elements, namely your preference for an interior style and trends that appeal to you. But also the personal touch you want to give to the design and of course your budget. Those are the four steps we want to take you through. Think about what these elements look like to you. The mix leads to a unique design of your personal kitchen.

Your personal kitchen in 4 steps:

Sep 2: Trends

Which trends appeal to you?

Trends influence what we like right now. With the interior style as a base, they inspire us to give our interior a contemporary twist. Some trends are temporary; others become classics. You choose a kitchen for years, so keep this in mind when considering trends.

Tip: Do you like to follow the latest trends? Then opt for a kitchen in neutral or timeless colours and implement trends in the colour of walls, accessories and small furniture. This way you stay up-to-date without incurring high costs and your kitchen will never get boring.

Each year we write a blog about the latest kitchen trends.


Step 3: Personal Touch

Show your style!

And then there’s the personal touch. Do you like cooking or prefer 'take away'. The answer plays a role in the choice of equipment and storage space. If you like art, nature or travel, let this atmosphere be reflected in your (interior) design!

Tip: When you have small children or a pet, choose materials that are less sensitive to scratches.



Step 4: Budget

We make your kitchen design attainable

Apart from that ‘picture’ in your head, you also have a budget. In the end, your financial situation should also allow your personal kitchen to be attainable. With our wide range of materials, details and finishes, your budget shouldn’t stand in your way.

Tip:With each kitchen, you will find options to make your kitchen more luxurious or more affordable.


Want more inspiration?

Finding inspiration is an important step towards your personal kitchen, and perhaps the most fun! In our brochure we offer you kitchen inspiration in four interior styles, according to the latest trends. For each kitchen you will find the materials and colours used, and we show alternatives for a different taste or price tag.