Your sustainable partner for the contract market

Personal kitchens can be realised for every project, whether it’s five kitchens or 1,000. That is why we have an attractive, extensive programme which is fully geared for the contract market. With a unique business model, and years of experience, we can design, manufacture and deliver complete kitchens for any project.

Keller occupies a firm position in the top 10 of leading European kitchen manufacturers. With vast know-how, a personal approach and a state-of-the-art factory we produce personal kitchens for every segment.

Experts in export

The Keller kitchen factory in Bergen op Zoom is only 40 minutes from Rotterdam Sea port. In 1983 Keller started exporting Keller Kitchens to the United Kingdom. Since then, the popularity of Keller Kitchens has crossed many borders. Our customer support department has a broad experience in preparing logistics and customs.

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Team NL

Future-proof kitchens

At DKG Group, the mother company of Keller Kitchens, we are working on new kitchen concepts for the future. We look everywhere for ways to increase sustainability. Sometimes it's really easy. Like collecting sawdust and remnants of chipboard in order to return to the chipboard factories for recycling. Or placing 8,000 solar panels on our roof. But also on a larger scale our company is circular. In 2017 we developed not only a carbon neutral production process but als circular kitchen process for the Dutch contract market. Materials of old kitchens are sorted and separated, and are re-used for the production of new raw materials.

“New builds and contracts lead the way in terms of their drive towards sustainability. This is helped by consumer demand for differentiation and planet-friendly solutions, and building standards of course. The need to strive towards a more balanced world, in terms of sustainability, is a major market driver for the kitchen sector. To this end, we intend to stay ahead of the game by sticking to our ethos. For Keller, 100% of our kitchen sales are manufactured via the most sustainable methods available.”

- Tim Spann, National Sales Manager UK,

Circulair keukenproces spaanplaat reststof

For every segment

Every project is different; the location, the target group and the price segment. With Keller, you can offer your partners personal choices for any segment. We have an extensive expertise and experience in different contract segments in the Netherlands and abroad.

  • Investors real estate
  • Social housing
  • Leasure market
  • Student housing
  • Nursing homes
Keller Keukens diensten

Distinctive features as standard

Keller project kitchens have many luxurious and distinctive features as standard:

  • Blum Antaro (pan) drawers with soft close
  • Luxurious concealed hanging system
  • Front color = carcase colour
  • Grid 130 dimensions
  • Closed top deck
Keller Keukens mooie projectkeukens

Choose from our full range of models and colours

Beautiful and attainable have been our strengths since 1935 and still are! With a personal approach, Keller Kitchens can make something as subjective as “beautiful” both possible and attainable; for every project, and for every target group.

Tenants and buyers are becoming more demanding and expect a vast choice. With an extensive range of models, colours and cabinets, we offer you every opportunity to let your residents choose a beautiful and personal kitchen.

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