Every day our people are committed to producing a beautiful quality kitchen for you. Nevertheless, something unexpected can happen that makes you need service or want to invoke the warranty.

Keller Kitchens B.V. gives a full 5-year guarantee on the quality of the kitchen furniture and elements produced and supplied by Keller. The warranty period of 5 years applies to normal domestic use and with due observance of sufficient care and maintenance. The warranty period is 1 year for non-domestic use.

The Keller dealer is your first point of contact to resolve the service. As you have a purchase agreement with the seller, the dealer's warranty conditions apply.

Are you not sure who supplied the kitchen, or does the organization no longer exist? Send us a message with your Keller order number via the contact form. Our customer service will gladly assist you.

Maintenance & use

Proper care and proper maintenance are important to be able to enjoy a kitchen for a long time and to ensure that the warranty provisions remain in force.

We would therefore like to draw your attention to our instructions for maintenance and use.

Keller onderhoud

Onze kwaliteitseisen

Keller keukens zijn volgens de nieuwste techieken geconstrueerd en gecontroleerd. Alle meubelen voldoen aan de Europese normen voor veiligheid en maatvoering DINEN14749 en DINEN1116.

U leest meer over onze certificeringen op het gebied van kwaliteit en duurzaamheid op onze pagina over maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen (MVO).