Luxurious utility rooms

The Keller unit range makes it possible to also design a utility, storage or laundry room in a beautiful way. With this series of tall, base and wall units plus interior fittings, a personal utility room can be created, where ease of use and design go hand in hand. Available in all melamine decors and inside in colour (white, mist or graphite).

A personal utility room

Ease of use ánd design

The base unit for washing machine and dryer is equipped with a metal support frame for the safe placement of appliances. You can choose an option with or without a storage tray for a laundry basket. The extra deep high unit is equipped with a suspension system with hooks for storing a vacuum cleaner and various cleaning materials.

The utility room comes with:

  • Cabinet layout
  • Crochets
  • 2 Curver hip laundry baskets, 60 cm wide, made from 100% recycled plastic


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