Cobotx produces smart Cobot for DKG

By the end of 2023, DKG, parent company of Keller Kitchens, took an important step in our production by implementing an advanced cobot (a cobot, collaborative robot, is a robot that is intended to work safely with people in a common working environment) in the 'Pick to Light' department. This robotic arm has the ability to pick up boxes and place them accurately in a cart. With an impressive capacity of between 800 and 1,000 boxes per day, this robot arm has not only increased the efficiency of our production process, but has also had an impact on the working conditions of our employees.

By taking over the repetitive tasks, the cobot has significantly reduced the physical burden on our employees. This mainly contributes to improved ergonomics in the workplace.

The robot arm was introduced as a valuable addition to our employees. It serves as an extension of their capabilities, relieving them from monotonous and arduous tasks, and allowing them to focus on tasks that add more value to our production process.

By investing in advanced technologies that improve both the well-being of our employees and the quality of our products, we strengthen our position and continue to strive for sustainable long-term success.

DKG and Cobotx

The first results of our collaboration indicate a promising long-term partnership. We tackle the challenges of the future together with a shared enthusiasm for innovation and growth.

Pick to Light department