DKG achieves the highest level on the CO2 Performance ladder

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Parent company DKG has reached the highest level on the CO2-Performance ladder

DKG (the parent company of Keller Keukens) has reached the highest level on the CO2-Performance ladder. This makes us a pioneer in sustainable initiatives within the kitchen industry.

The CO2-Performance ladder is the leading measuring tool for governments and large companies. The higher the level, the more sustainable the company. By achieving level 5, DKG demonstrates that they have not only taken the necessary steps to reduce CO2 emissions within their own company but also throughout the entire supply chain.

Collaborating towards a circular economy

The increasing importance of sustainable initiatives like this is partly driven by the ambition of the Dutch government, which aims to achieve a fully circular economy by 2050. To make this a reality, thousands of small and large companies in the construction and real estate sector must transition to a new way of operating.

This transition takes time, which is why DKG has been CO2-conscious for many years. In 2021, the company reached level 3 on the CO2-Performance ladder, demonstrating their commitment to reducing CO2 emissions within their own organization. By achieving level 5 on the CO2-Performance ladder, DKG also proves that significant steps have been taken throughout the entire supply chain to reduce emissions.

Level 5 CO2 Performanceladder

Circular kitchen

A great example is the development of the circular kitchen. For several years, DKG has been working towards the Dutch government's goal of achieving a 50% circular economy by 2030 and a 100% circular economy by 2050. This requires proactive measures and not staying idle.

As a market leader in the industry, DKG aims to set a positive example and be prepared for the future. In the project market, it is already possible to reuse waste materials through the circular kitchen process to create new raw materials for kitchen production.

Keller circular kitchens

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