Together on the way to carbon neutral transport

At DKG, parent company of Keller Kitchens, we are making significant progress in collaboration with our partners towards a climate-neutral future. We continue to actively look for opportunities to reduce CO₂ emissions. In addition to the measures taken within our own company, we continue to engage with partners and suppliers throughout our supply chain.

From January 1, our worktop suppliers, including Jetstone, Reginox, Kemie and Dekker, will make all their deliveries using biodiesel. This makes the transport of all worktops carbon neutral, resulting in an annual saving of 230 tons of CO₂.

In addition, from the same date, ATAG will transport all their equipment for DKG with biodiesel, resulting in an additional saving of 250 tons of CO₂.

This combined saving of 480 tons is equivalent to the annual emissions of 25 households and corresponds to the CO₂ storage of 480 trees for 30 years. It also represents almost 30% of the total CO₂ emissions caused by the transport of all suppliers to DKG.

The advantages of HVO-100 (biodiesel) compared to the current fossil diesel (EN590) are:

  • Complies with the new standard for synthetic diesel fuels EN15940
  • Synthetically produced from 100% organic origin
  • Much higher Cetane number resulting in better ignition at cold temperatures
  • Less aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Less sulfur means less soot formation
  • No additional biological component
  • Hardly any water in fuel
  • Resulting in fractionally lower diesel consumption and, linked to this, also lower Ad-blue consumption.

Curious about our results achieved so far?