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We take you back to Milan Design Week

Let's take you to Milan

Last month it was that time again, Milan design week, the largest design event in Europe! With Salone del Mobile - the largest furniture fair and the Eurocucina - the kitchen fair that is held every 2 years.

At Keller we follow trends closely, so we couldn't wait to see what colours and styles we can expect for the upcoming season. In addition to the exhibition, there are brands and designer events in the city. In this blog we take you to Milan and share the latest interior and kitchen trends with you.

Colours and materials from nature

Elements from nature are reflected in the design in many ways. We see colours of the earth such as ocher, terra and sand. In addition, various shades of green and blue. And of course wood, marble (look) and above all the return of travertine!

Keuren en materialen uit de natuur

Earth tones such as ochre, terra and sand - Shop window in Brera

"The entire district is an artistic environment, where creativity reigns supreme"

Eurocucina & Salone del Mobile

Here everything revolves around peace & balance; we mainly see Japandi and Wabi Sabi style kitchens. Wood, greige, natural stone & marble. The veins in the marble, composite and ceramics become less present. The colours in the interior are mainly a palette of greyed brown tones and greiges. The interplay of lines that we have seen in wood in recent years is still very much present and is continued in marble.

In addition to beautiful natural stone and tranquil marble looks, travertine is strikingly present, both in its traditional form and in prints that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. We had been seeing travertine for some time, but now we really couldn't ignore it anymore.

This versatile stone fits perfectly with the Japandi style, which has of course been around for much longer and which we can no longer call a trend but a new interior style.

Eurocucina 2024

Textures and lines

Lots of lines, ridges, organic bubbles and structures. Everything must be tangible and often also strokeable. This is what we did, you also look with your hands. The feeling that a particular product gives plays a major role in the experience.

We will see these coarse structures in wallpaper and curtain fabrics, among other things. But also in kitchens, where the vein can be felt or the texture of a front.

Lijnen en texturen

Mirror glass, silver and chrome

Silver, chrome and mirror glass are making a comeback!

Whether it is standard mirror glass or with a variant in black, bronze, or with a pattern, we saw various variants.


Zona Tortone – the most trendy distric of Milan

Here, in addition to colours from nature, we mainly see primary hues and pastels. Here too, the theme of sustainability is woven into the designs and concepts. A striking amount of influence from designers from the East.

Kleur in Zona Tortona

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