Industrial kitchens

The industrial style of living is reminiscent of old (factory) buildings or lofts. Construction details such as steel beams, concrete or brick are characteristic details in these types of design schemes. Robust and aged materials give this interior a sturdy touch. 

Is industrial your style?

Furniture is made of rough wood and leather, combined with greyed fabrics that provide softness. As accessories, (vintage) objects are often used that are not always functional. Think of large industrial or factory lamps.

The floors are often sober and do not attract attention. In contemporary new-build homes, an industrial atmosphere is often created by floors and/or walls in a concrete look and photo wallpaper with a brick decor. The colours are sober. White, black and all shades of gray in between. As an accent color, a primary color such as yellow or red is often added.

Moodboard industrieel

Alles nog eens rustig nalezen?

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