Natural materials in country style

Natural materials are trending. This is reflected in the linen-look fronts of the kitchen island and in the styling of this kitchen. The worktop and back wall are made of composite.

Cottage Life

Built-in tall units and island with casing panels

The built-in units are typical for country style kitchens. The casing panels are also applied in the composite frame of the kitchen island.

In this kitchen:

  • Trendy linen-look drawer fronts in island
  • Interior in colour 'mist'.
  • Deepened sink cabinets.
Cottage Life
Cottage Life

Why not try this?

Instead of the solid wood front, choose a wood look in melamine. Same look, different price tag. Is the rustic veneer a bit too coarse for your taste? Then choose a finer veneer or melamine in a wood look.

The kitchen layouts that you will find on this website and in our kitchen brochure serve as inspiration and can be adapted in terms of layout, model, colour, handle (trim)/handleless and many other options. More information about the possibilities? Visit one of our Keller dealers. They are happy to make a design in this style that suits your home and budget.

Prefer a different colour for the veneer? You can choose from nine stain colours or 2,050 paint colors in matt, satin gloss or textured lacquer. For the melamine parts you can choose any colour or decor in the programme.

Remove stains as quickly as possible. There are substances that can no longer be completely removed when not cleaned immediately. Use a mild household or kitchen cleaner and a soft cloth or brush for cleaning. Swipe in the direction of the wood grain to remove dirt particles from the pores. Wipe the cleaned doors immediately afterwards with a soft cloth for a streak-free result and to prevent water from penetrating the seams which could lead to swelling.

Coarse veneer has a robust appearance, with knots and the flame pattern clearly visible. Knots can fall out, this is part of the character of the material, keep this in mind.

Curious about our programme?

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